Sano is Player of Month
Miguel Sano, 22, was named the American League player of the month of August and it was a no-brainer.
Since being called up by the Twins on July 2, Sano has been the man. In 51 games in the majors he has 15 homers and 42 RBI. In 66 games in the minors this year he had 15 homers and 48 RBI...
Baseball hater relents
I've never been much of a baseball fan. For all that it is America's pastime, I never could figure out why people would play it, much less watch. Baseball is slow, with a lot of nothing happening around a very little bit of something, and not even a time clock ticking down to build anticip…
Happy Birthday, Honus Wagner!
Honus Wagner (John Peter Wagner) may have been the greatest all-around baseball player to wear a professional uniform. He was born Feb. 24, 1874, in Pennsylvania and died Dec. 6, 1955, in Pennsylvania.
Hall of Fame skipper John McGraw called Wagner, "The nearest thing to a perfect player no …

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