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Winter is Coming, Slow Down
It does not look like this weekend's impending snow event will be as much of a big deal for us as it will be for northern Minnesota. Which, if you are planning on heading that way early for the holiday, you may want to stay on top of the latest forecasts...
White Christmas in Faribault?
The weather the Faribault area has been experiencing lately is certainly not typical for this season in Minnesota, and that has many wondering if we will have a white Christmas this year. Temperatures last week were in the 40s at times, and this week brought rain, which is not the the precipitation …
TBT: April Snow
The sun is shining today, but two years ago it was a different story. People throughout the area woke up to see a beautiful, but rather unwelcome snowfall blanket the trees, grass and roads. We tend to think that by the end of April spring and warm weather should be the norm, but Minnesota weather d…
Icicles Near La Crescent
On Sunday, I headed down to La Crosse, Wis., to visit a relative. It is a nice drive and I was able to see these really neat icicles hanging from the bluffs near La Crescent, Minn.
Faribault snow records
If you watch the news or go online, you can't help but see images of Boston and most of New England covered in snow. People are posting pictures that show the snow filling in their doorways, and some people have started snowdiving out of their windows for fun, despite officials asking them not …
Snow Sculptures in Faribault
I may not be a fan of being cold, but I most certainly am a fan of hot cocoa, snow forts and seeing people's creativity. I was happy to see that a few people in Faribault have been busy playing in the snow and made some awesome snow artwork!
How to Identify Frostbite
With temperatures dipping below zero tonight, and several months of winter to go, now is a good time to make sure you know how to avoid and identify frostbite.
Frostbite is the freezing of the skin and underlying tissues, and can result in numbness, nerve damage and in severe cases, amputation...
Winter is FINALLY over!!!
The calender has said it is 'spring' since March 20th, but here in Minnesota, we know that conditions outside do not always match the season. We still have a ways to go before summer comes, but today's weather is a sneak peak of warm and sunny days to come!

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