Minnesota College Savings Plan Program Manager Robert Stern will be in the KDHL studio to discuss a topic that many are wrestling with these days: How to pay for a college education.

Costs continue to escalate and wages are not keeping pace with the increase.

The Minnesota College Savings Plan is one option for students, their parents, grandparents, friends and family.

We will talk about saving versus borrowing. Get some tips on ways to save that are more painless than we might think, and Stern will look into his crystal ball and tell us what the estimates are for the cost of a college education in 15-20 years.

More information about the Minnesota College Savings Plan is available on their website.

I hope you will tune in and get the details about saving for a college education at 9:30AM.

If you can't tune in then, go to our YouTube channel.

South Central College Faribault
South Central College Faribault


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