Our Johnny V's Junior Genius award, powered by U.S. Cellular, is given each month to K-8th Graders in the 815 or 608 who did something extra special at school.

We love to hear about your kid getting an A in a challenging class, scoring a perfect score on the quiz, or when they make the honor roll. And it doesn't just HAVE to be good grades.

Nominate Your Child, Grandchild, or Student to Win Johnny V's Jr. Genius

Johnny V's Junior Geniuses are students who work hard in school, who are kind to their fellow students, and who respect and make an impact in their community.

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Some of the characteristics of our Jr. Genius:

  • intelligence
  • wisdom
  • compassion
  • empathy
  • diligence
  • tenacity
  • respect
  • stewardship
  • good citizenship

Our latest Johnny's Junior Genius award presentation took us to Beloit, Wisconsin, and into Mrs. Scott's 5th Grade Class at Garden Prairie School.

Johnny Vincent
Johnny Vincent

Here's the nomination letter we received:

Jaron has a heart of gold. He is an old soul and is always looking out for the best interests of everybody else. He comes home and tells me about how a second grader who is diabetic is getting bullied. He makes a plan on how he can improve his life at school so he can enjoy it more. He comes from a blended family and he always puts his siblings first. He works with his 5-year-old sister on reading and math. He loves to help her further her education. He is shy and doesn't like to be the center of attention. He would rather other people be recognized for his good deeds. He knows deep down that he did what he felt was right. He is such an amazing kid especially for only being 11 years old! -Jaron's Mom

All of Johnny V's Junior Genius award winners will receive prizes and gifts from Flow Supreme Air Sports, and Dirty Dough Cookies. Plus, tickets for an upcoming Chicago Bulls game at the United Center.

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