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The sheriff delivered the news with a serious, straight face and appeared to confirm what had previously been just a myth in Minnesota-- except that the video was posted on April 1st.

Living here in the Land of 10,00 Lakes, most Minnesotans have a pretty good sense of humor. (especially concerning how Mother Nature doesn't believe in Spring this year, but that's another story.)

And, you'll no doubt laugh a bit when you check out this video posted on the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office Facebook page over the weekend. It was titled 'Sheriff Kelly Announcement' and featured Sheriff Marty Kelly delivering the news while standing at the podium, complete with official department badges and state of Minnesota flag off to the side.

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Did Sheriff Kelly break some important news about a big crime their investigators have solved? Well... kind of. Except that the video was posted on April 1st-- otherwise known as April Fool's Day, right?

In the video, Sheriff Kelly started to explain how investigators in the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office had apparently stumbled on evidence that confirmed the existence of 'Peppie,' the mythical serpent that supposedly lives in Lake Pepin.

That's some breaking news, right? Most Minnesotans have likely heard about Peppie, who's apparently similar to the Loch Ness Monster but have likely never encountered him (or her?). And his (or her) existence had never been officially confirmed before now.

Except, we don't quite see the video evidence, however. Well, we do see SOMETHING. Check out the video below to see what I'm talking about!

And a shout-out to Sheriff Kelly and everyone in the Goodhue County Sheriff's Office who had a hand in creating this entertaining video that definitely had much watching until the end, as did the over 1,200 people who like the video!


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