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A new video that's gone viral would seem to show that Wisconsin does like pizza more than Minnesota.

When it comes to pizza, I'm a big fan. I've often said pizza might be the one food I could have every day and not get tired of eating. That's mainly because they are so many different kinds of pizza, from frozen, to take-out, to delivery and those homemade pizzas too.

And, there are so many different brands of pizza out there too, each popularizing a different flavor. Whether you like the traditional sausage and pepperoni, a supreme, veggie, marguerite or even a white pie, the varieties of pizza are endless.

Of course, my being a native of Wisconsin apparently also helped to develop my love of pizza. Because, according to a new video that's gone viral (and has been viewed over 6 million times on Twitter in just the past week), pizza (frozen pizza in particular) is VERY popular over in America's Dairyland.

Michael Bradley first posted the video on his Twitter page last week. It simply says 'A frozen pizza section in Wisconsin.' And then the video goes on to scan row after row of frozen pizzas, in freezer after freezer after freezer. And just when you think it's done, he turns the corner to show even MORE freezers filled with frozen pizzas.

Again, being a Wisconsinite (though I've been a fully-naturalized Minnesotan for over a decade now), I didn't initially think anything was odd about the video. But judging by the reaction it's garnered on Twitter, some places of the country apparently don't like pizza that much-- or have anywhere near that large a selection of frozen pizzas at their local grocery store. Check it out below, and see if that frozen pizza section seems unusually large to you.

Perhaps frozen pizzas are popular in Wisconsin because they go great with beer-- something ALSO popular back in my home state. But what about here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes? Are our frozen pizza sections in grocery stores in Minnesota really that much smaller than the massive section in the video?

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