It's road tripping season! Before you hop in your car to take the fam on an adventure, check out this list to discover the most dangerous roads in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

While many roads provide safe travel and breathtaking scenery, there are others where extra caution is required. Some routes might even be best avoided altogether, if possible.

A list of the most dangerous roads in each state was put together by based on the average number of fatalities that occur each year. Let's take a look at deadliest roads in the Midwest.

Wisconsin: Interstate 94


I-94, which links the Great Plains and the Great Lakes, is an excellent route for travelers, but it demands careful driving.

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I-94 has about 13 fatalities per year along the road. There were 115 crashes and 132 fatalities in a 10-year span of time, according to

Iowa: Interstate 80


Interstate 80 in Iowa, running through Des Moines and Iowa City, is bad news for Iowans. Sadly, each year, approximately 19 people lose their lives in car crashes on this stretch of road.

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To make matters worse, the number of fatalities exceeds the number of crashes. Over a decade, there were 188 fatalities and 154 crashes, according to 

Minnesota: US 169


Minnesota's death toll is actually relatively low given its population of over 5 million. There were just 60 crashes resulting in 68 fatalities over the span of 10 years.

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The US 169 crash rates indicate an average of 7 fatalities annually. It's not good but it's not too terrible either, according to 

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