Minnesota became the 32nd state admitted to the union in May of 1858. And over its 166 years, the Land of 10,000 Lakes has come to be known across the country for many achievements. But we don't seem to talk about some of them!

Maybe it's our Minnesota 'niceness' but there are a lot of things that Minnesotans should brag about when it comes to our fair state-- but we're just too nice. Every state thinks it's the best, that it has the best quality of life, and is just generally better than all the others, right?

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But here in Minnesota, we actually DO have many reasons to be proud of the North Star State. We routinely place near the top of states with the best quality of life, education, health care, and more. There are many unique things for which the Bold North is now fairly well known, both here and across the country.

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Of course, many Minnesotans might be a little too bashful to do such overt boasting. But if you're getting together with friends and relatives who might live out of state (like, oh, maybe in a state just east of here-- talking about you, Cheeseheads over in Wisconsin!) check out the following list of the 10 Things Minnesotans Are Too Nice To Brag About.

And, while you're NOT bragging about Minnesota, then keep scrolling to take a look at something else we COULD brag about: The Minnesota Goodbye. It has nine distinct stages to it, and chances are pretty high that you might encounter it sometime during the warm weather season here in the Gopher State! Keep scrolling to see how many YOU recognize...

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10 Things Minnesotans Are Too Nice To Brag About

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UFF-DA! The 9 Stages of 'The Minnesota Goodbye'