Is It True That A Huge List of JC Penney Stores Are Closing in Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Throughout the Country?

I saw on the internet yesterday, a few stories that had titles stating "National Department Store Chain Closing Multiple Stores Across Minnesota" and "Iconic National Chain to Close Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin Stores Next Month".  Obviously, I clicked on those, because part of my job is reporting on stores closing as well.  I usually see all of the business news right away in the morning so I was really confused why this list got out and I didn't see that multiple stores were closing in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

I started getting everything ready to get a story up myself, got screenshots of the graphic from the store, got the list of stores that supposedly were closing, and then I saw a store on the list that stopped my typing.

A store on the list that supposedly was closing in September was from my hometown of Fort Dodge, Iowa.  In fact, it was where I had my first job - I worked in the Men's Department at JC Penney and, not to flex, but I was one of the best at sizing people for suits.

FAKE NEWS: List of JC Penney Stores Closing in 2024 is NOT Accurate

Here's why I knew immediately that fact-checking did not happen before these stories were published - the mall where the Fort Dodge, Iowa store was located was torn down a few years ago.  (Here's one of the original stories about that demolition.)  There was NO WAY that it was still didn't even exist.

Unfortunately, the list and links published in the stories mentioned above that got the public riled up are not accurate.  In fact, J.C. Penney has taken down the list and it is no longer available to view since those stories were published.  I saw the list last night.  When I clicked on it this morning about 10:30 am, it just went to the normal J.C. Penney website.

Watch Out For More Fake News!  This List of Walgreens Stores Closing Is Also Not Accurate

Walgreens has also been a business in the news lately for stores closing.  Before you start freaking out though, sharing, clicking, and commenting everywhere, go do some fact checking.  Some of the stories I've noticed that are circulating about this massive retail store is also using data that I have found to be inaccurate.  Example, the site indicates that a Walgreens store in Rochester, Minnesota is temporarily closed.  I just bought some makeup there, so no, it is very much open.

Two Words: FACT CHECK.

Susan Vineyard ThinkStock
Susan Vineyard ThinkStock

What JC Penney Stores Are Closing in 2024?

From the research that I found, there are three JC Penney stores that will be closing.  If you live in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin, you don't need to panic because your stores are all safe right now.  Just relax...and maybe go support the JC Penney stores near you.

According to, the following message was posted along with a list of the three JC Penney stores that would be shuttering for good:

Select JCPenney stores are closing. One of the nation’s largest apparel and home retailers, JCPenney delivers style and value from an array of private, exclusive, and national brands.

3400 Joe Treadwell Dr., Mobile, Alabama

60 Elm Plaza, Waterville, Maine

3111 Midwestern Parkway, Wichita Falls, Texas

According to, the locations above will close at some point prior to September 22nd, 2024.  The site also indicated that a fourth store will be closing but not until 2025.  That location is the JC Penney store at Westfield Annapolis Mall in Annapolis, in Maryland.

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