Check Out What Business is Opening on Broadway in Downtown Rochester, Minnesota

I'm so thankful for artists.  I would love to have the skills that it takes to be able to create on paper, but every time I try, I am reminded that God skipped me when he was passing those talents out to the humans.  My aunt - she has it.  Me - zilch.

Talent, skills, creativity...whatever words you think of when you notice the work that an artist develops...all of that will be showcased soon and developed even more thanks to a new space opening soon in Rochester.

We have some big news!! We just signed a lease to pop-up in this lovely little downtown space on Broadway through the end of the year! So excited to open our doors to the community this June. - Griot Arts

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Get To Know Griot Arts in Rochester, Minnesota

If this is the first time you've heard the name Griot Arts, here are a few fun facts from their website:

  • hub and collective for artists and community members in Rochester
  • works to amplify the voices of Black artists in the area and support creatives, makers, artists, arts educators, and culture-bearers working toward community empowerment, justice, healing, and joy
  • gathering space, resource hub, and convener of diverse, intersectional arts-based spaces, programming, alliances, and events for all while centering Black lives and experiences from across the diaspora.
  • Griot Arts aims to cultivate a community of belonging and care-laden solidarity in Rochester and the wider SE MN region.

" I'm so excited to be bringing the vision of Griot Arts into a physical space downtown. Spaces like this are vital to a community and we hope it can be an empowering, enriching, and vibrant space of connection, care, and creativity."

- Nicolw, Founder of Griot Arts


Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash /Canva
Photo by RhondaK Native Florida Folk Artist on Unsplash

Where Will The New Place for Griot Arts Be in Rochester, Minnesota?

Based on a few photos and TikToks from @jessalynfinch, I'm pretty sure Griot Arts will be moving into the space at 115 N. Broadway in Rochester.  At least, the walls and ceilings in those videos match really well (I'd say they are identical) to the photo that Griot Arts posted on Facebook.  If for some reason that is NOT the spot they are popping up in, I'll post that update over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio. 

How Can You Support Griot Arts Right Now?

The goal that Griot Arts shared on Facebook was to stay in this space beyond December.  Griot Arts is so thankful for all the support it has already received but in order to make that extension a reality, Griot Arts is asking for the community to help make that happen in the following ways:

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