Every day I try to learn something new.  I just had no idea that my lesson for the day would be about a new store opening up in a mall in Minnesota.  I honestly thought this story was going to be written about a new addition to a food court.  Nope.  Not even close.

What Does The Word "BoxLunch" Mean To You?

I've been to enough conferences in my life to know that when the registration for an event says "box lunch provided", I am getting a lunch...in a box...and it usually has a sandwich with chips and a cookie in it.

FYI, the store that is opening up soon at a mall in Minnesota is not going to be serving you food. It is called "BoxLunch" though.


New Store, BoxLunch, Opening at the Apache Mall in Rochester, Minnesota

If you are a first-timer hearing the store name "BoxLunch", here is a quick synopsis of what to expect if you show up to shop at one in the future.

BoxLunch is a civic-minded web-based and brick and mortar specialty retailer offering a curated collection of licensed and non-licensed merchandise. With every $10 spent across the pop culture themed product offering of apparel, accessories, home goods, gift and novelty, and collectibles, BoxLunch will help provide a meal to a person in need through its partnership with Feeding America.

- apachemall.com

According to the Apache Mall website, that fun shopping experience that gives back will soon be opening in Rochester, Minnesota.

How Many BoxLunch Locations Are In Minnesota Right Now?

Right now, the magic number of BoxLunch locations in Minnesota is three and they can be found at the following spots:

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When Is The New BoxLunch Opening in Rochester, Minnesota?

I don't have that answer yet, but once I hear an update, I'll post that on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.  Give it a follow to hear about businesses that are opening and closing in the area.


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