You know that freezing cold room at Costco where the fruits and vegetables are?  I always have to mentally prepare to go in there and immediately regret my choice of leaving my hoodie in my car.  I have to suck it up and go in though because there is one vegetable that I would eat every day if I could and Costco normally has a pretty good price on it.  That veggie is the one and only asparagus.

Turns out, I can skip that freezing cold room at Costco because asparagus is popping up all over Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois...and it is free.

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Photo by Inge Poelman on Unsplash
Photo by Inge Poelman on Unsplash

Way back in the day, when I was sporting one of those awesome '80's perms, I was pulling carrots out of the garden and eating it raw, catching lightning bugs when it got dark, and drinking out of the garden hose whenever I was thirsty.  I NEVER had a water bottle with me and NEVER remember drinking water on purpose.  It is amazing I didn't shrivel up from dehydration back then.

My childhood was spent in one of the "bigger" Iowa towns and all around us, in the ditches, was asparagus.  I could point it out without a problem as we drove outside of town.  You could have grabbed piles of asparagus if you wanted to.

Fast forward a few decades and once again, asparagus is growing in the ditches, looking absolutely delicious, and ready for you to throw on the grill.

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Photo by Amy Burk on Unsplash

Important Things To Know If You See Asparagus Growing in the Wild in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin:

  • Be careful of areas that have been sprayed with chemicals.  If something was sprayed on a plant to kill it, you probably don't want that going in your body.
  • Do NOT just pull the asparagus out of the ground.  Move some of the dirt away and cut about 1 centimeter down.  You can check out the YouTube video below to learn why this is important.

Doesn't Asparagus Make Your Pee Smell?

Talking about bodily fluids is not something you would normally just mention on an elevator with a random stranger, but we are going to pretend we are best friends for a sec and have this awkward conversation about pee.

I feel like asparagus gets a bad wrap because while yes, it can cause pee to smell a bit funky for a bit, it is not the only food or drink that does.  Below is a whole list of foods and drinks that could cause a little odor change temporarily.  Scroll through because the one at the end...I think it might shock you.

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