Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News)- Authorities are investigating a smash and grab theft that was reported at the entrance to a popular trail in Olmsted County last week. 

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Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office Captain Tim Parkin said Monday morning that deputies responded to the theft report around 9:30 Friday morning. 

The theft report is similar to other thefts reported from parked and unoccupied vehicles in the Rochester area. 

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Smash & Grab Purse Theft at Douglas Trail Parking Lot Under Investigation

Parkin said the theft occurred at the Douglas Trail entrance in the 6600 block of 75th St. Northwest. 


The victim, who is described as an adult female, reported someone had broken open a window in her vehicle and took her purse, according to the sheriff's office report

The apparent thief then used one of her credit cards at an undisclosed local store, Parkin said. So far no arrests have been made. 

Douglas Trail Purse Theft Fits Familiar Crime Pattern

In the past both the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office and Rochester Police Department have reported upticks in reports of thefts from vehicles during the warm weather months. 

Authorities have previously stated that potential thieves will patrol parking lots throughout the Rochester area on the prowl for property left inside of empty vehicles. 

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In some cases they will try the door and in others they’ll break a window to take the unguarded item. Law enforcement recommends anyone leaving their vehicle unattended to not store valuable items in plain sight.

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