Albert Lea, MN (KROC-AM News) - The man whose arrest led to the evacuation of the Freeborn County Government Center on Friday was formally charged today with a list of felony and lesser crimes.

Conditional bail for 48-year-old Adam Alan Penhollow was set at $100,000 following his arraignment on felony counts of fleeing police, drug possession, possession of an explosive device, and possession of a firearm suppressor. He also faces a gross misdemeanor charges of DWI, possession of ammo and/or any firearm, and a misdemeanor count of driving after revocation.

Freeborn County Sheriff's Office photo
Freeborn County Sheriff's Office photo

According to the criminal complaint, the evacuation of the government center in Albert Lea was prompted by the discovery of a homemade pipe bomb in a locked gun safe that was found inside Penhollow's vehicle after he allegedly led an Albert Lea police officer on a brief chase last Friday.

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The court document says the chase occurred after the officer observed a possible fight outside a Walmart pharmacy and saw a man get into a small SUV. The charges say the officer believed he recognized the driver as Penhollow and was aware that his driver's license had been revoked.

Albert Lea Police photo (Facebook)
Albert Lea Police photo (Facebook)

The criminal complaint states the officer spotted parts of baggies with white residue in them and obtained a search warrant for a blood and urine sample due to suspicion that Penhollow was allegedly driving while impaired. The locked gun safe was also located in the vehicle and was brought to the Freeborn County Government Center where it was searched and officers discovered the pipe bomb as well as 9 grams of suspected methamphetamine.

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The charges say that led to the execution of a search warrant at Penhollow's home, where investigators found a variety of firearms, including a stockless rifle with a sawed off barrel and a sound suppressor. The court document says police also seized two explosive devices and a partial home built submachine gun.

The criminal complaint states that Penhollow is currently awaiting sentencing after entering into a plea agreement in May involving charges that include committing a crime all wearing a bullet resistant vest and owning a short barrel shotgun.


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