McDonald's is abandoning a recent change made at its restaurants after having an unsuccessful run.

Changes Coming To McDonald's Drive-Thru Experience

You may not have noticed this change to McDonald's drive-thru unless your order was possibly mixed up. Sometime in 2021, the burger chain started using artificial intelligence to assist customers coming through the drive-thru lane.

Now, the Associated Press is reporting McDonald's is ready to call it quits on the AI experience. There wasn't a reason provided for why the technology was going away.

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A statement from McDonald's published by USA Today said restaurants will be shutting off the AI service sometime before July 26. In the statement, McDonald's said this was being done after "thoughtful consideration."

The burger giant did not rule out implementing AI technology in the future.

The AP discovered several videos shared on McDonald's customers' social media in recent years showing the AI bot appearing the malfunction. In one video, the AI technology is allegedly shown adding 25 chicken McNuggets meals to an order instead of just two meals.

More Restaurants Using AI

While McDonald's may be stepping back from its AI experiment, other fast food chains are doubling down on the technology.

At White Castle, you soon might not be ordering from a human in the drive-thru. The Street says the fast food brand known for its sliders is testing an AI bot named "Julia" at 15 locations.

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The outlet says the Julia bot is being promoted as being "more accurate than humans," with the ability to process orders in less than 60 seconds. White Castle plans to have the AI service installed in 100 of its 363 restaurants by the end of 2024.

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