Post Malone just dropped details of his next album, believed to be a country album.

The "I Had Some Help" singer took a photo of a sign with the album's title on it and shared the release date on Instagram.

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When Does Post Malone's Country Album Get Released?

The sign reads "The name of the new Post Malone Album is ..." with F 1,000,000,000,000 after it.

"Sup motherf---as…F-1 Trillion August 16th," he said clarifying.

Post Malone, F-1 Trillion Track List:

While the official track list has not yet been released, fans expect to see these six songs on the new album:

1. “She Ain’t Yours”
2. “Pour Me a Drink” (Feat. Blake Shelton)
3. “I Had Some Help” (Feat. Morgan Wallen)
4. “Ain’t Got a Guy for That” (Feat. Luke Combs)
5. “Never Love You Again”
6. “Drinkin’ ‘Bout You”

Post Malone has been flirting with a country album for several years but burst into public country circles when he performed with Hardy and Wallen at the 2023 CMA Awards.

He also appeared at the 2024 ACM Awards, singing two songs and being welcomed into the genre by host Reba McEntire. The pair then sang a classic rock cover together.

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