Break out your aviators and fluff up your mullets: Hot Country Knights are officially making plans to ride again. The '90s-influenced country act — and their reluctant producer and tourmate, Dierks Bentley — have been teasing new music for a while now, and they've finally got some concrete details to share.

Ever since their 2020 debut, The K is Silent — which was also their greatest hits album — Knights fans have been clamoring for more new music, and the band has routinely kept the stage warm as an opening act for Bentley.

On Tuesday (May 23), the Knights hopped on social media to tease a new project called Midknight Rodeo, which will feature a song called "Herassmeant," which is yet to be released, but which somehow, according to the post, is already "2x Platinum."

Yes, that's "Herassmeant" with an "E," and if you listen to the teaser in the video, you'll see why.

That's three words, spelling out ... well, you know. Of course, the Knights needed to enlist a lady with a "big ol ... voice" to take this booty-focused song to the next level, and they chose none other than Darla McFarland, who's a country music legend despite the fact that she just joined Instagram and has no other recording credits to her name.

Her name might not be familiar, but her voice certainly is: "Darla trying real 'hard' to sound like Lainey Wilson," one fan commented on the song teaser.

"Darla's the OG," the Knights replied.

"Has anyone ever seen Darla and Lainey in the same room?" another queries.

"Good question," the band add.

It would make sense for the Knights to team up with Wilson on this particular song. Early this year, the "Heart Like a Truck" star took social media by storm after a fan captured performance video that showcased her impressive derrière, and the clip went viral. Wilson was in on the joke: She responded with some comedic social media posts of her own, and even performed Queen's "Fat Bottomed Girls" in homage to her trendy butt.

Bentley has also hinted that Wilson and the Knights might have a collaboration in store. In early May, the singer told Taste of Country Nights that the Knights were focusing on working with young blood this go-around, after collaborating with '90s greats like Travis Tritt and Terri Clark on The K is Silent. Bentley said he thought Wilson might be one collaborator the band had their eye on, adding that they were "way over their skis" with that team-up.

For the uninitiated, the Knights emerged somewhere around 2015 — or the mid-'80s, depending on who you ask — dressed to the gills in fanny packs and acid-wash jeans and performing '90s covers.

It should be noted that lead singer Doug Douglason bears a suspicious resemblance to Bentley, and the rest of the crew looks a whole lot like his road band.

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