Well, thank goodness! My favorite sushi place has finally reopened its doors. Wasabi closed down after the structure was declared a complete loss after a fire in January of 2023. To foodies' relief, they quickly told their loyal customers that they would rebuild.

It's taken some time for the rebuild to happen. I've noticed driving by in the last couple of months that progress is really starting to pick up.

They posted on their Facebook page that they were hiring on April 23. They were accepting applications from anyone with restaurant experience.

They had hoped for an opening in late March to early April. Finally, they shared they would open on May 10 at 11 am. 

I can't wait to get back and see what the new building looks like. I'll share photos and a review next week because I can't imagine waiting longer than that to try. Maybe I'll surprise my wife and get her some for Mother's Day!

Wasabi Superior Facebook
Wasabi Superior Facebook

If you've never tried Sushi, let me give you some advice. First, start with some easy things and work your way to become more adventurous. I would suggest starting with California Rolls or Boston Rolls.

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Be careful if you order Sushi. A lot of people think that sushi is in a roll by default. That's not the case. Sushi is actually raw fish on a small ball of rice. That's a big start for a first-timer. Go with a maki roll to start. Veggie rolls are a great way to get kids introduced as well. My daughter started out with cucumber rolls and now she's worked her way up to cold smoked salmon.

See you at Wasabi!

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