Father's Day is upon us! The day is all about expressing the love we have for the paternal figures in our life, the ones that helped raise us and made us who we are today.

With the holiday just a few short days away, there are a bunch of Father's Day-related articles popping up, along with a new study that caught my eye.

Best & Worst States For Working Dads

WalletHub put out a study naming the best and worst states for working dads just in time for the big day this weekend.

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Where Does Minnesota Rank?

As usual, Minnesota killed it here, being named the fifth best state for working dads. Which factors made this possible? Things like median family income, of which Minnesota has one of the highest, along with men's life expectancy and other similar factors.

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Other things taken into consideration include work and life balance, health and how good child care is in each state.


What About Wisconsin?

Wisconsin wasn't too far behind, being named the seventh best state for working dads. Minnesota and Wisconsin are both known for their great family values and being able to live in places where working dads thrive is pretty cool.

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Still need to get your dad a Father's Day gift? You better hop on it! I get my dad the same thing every single Father's Day and that is a gas station gift card. You just can't go wrong!

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