On June 20, 1919, A&W co-founder Roy W. Allen opened his first Root Beer stand in Lodi, California, during a homecoming celebration for WWI veterans.

Since then, the A&W restaurant chain is still going strong nationwide. A&W is America's oldest fast-food franchised restaurant chain, and not only does it continue to feed the masses, while also serving up tasty root beer floats in frosty glass mugs, but it also continues to support military veterans through its ongoing work with Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

Recently, A&W celebrated its 105th birthday and to celebrate it's doing something special to honor America's often-overlooked Greatest Generation.

A&W Offering Free Root Beer Floats For Life

Liz Bazner, VP of Marketing & Innovation for A&W Restaurants, says they love fans of all ages, "but there are around 108,000 centenarians in the U.S. that brands overlook. These are people that have been with A&W since the beginning. We wouldn't have survived the last century without them, so we wanted to show our appreciation with something special just for them."

A&W then announced that anyone 100 or older would receive free Root Beer Floats for life starting this month.

To help spread the word about this permanent new promotion, A&W partnered with two centenarians, both of whom are WWII veterans: 104-year-old Hazel Calloway and 100-year-old Glendell Bennett.

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Famed 'granfluencer' Baddiewinkle was also recruited as the official campaign spokesperson. Ninety-five years young and more fabulous than ever, Baddiewinkle "has amassed millions of social media followers with her daring personal style and live-life-to-the-fullest attitude."

To take advantage of the new policy in Minnesota and Wisconsin, qualified customers simply need to visit any A&W franchise location. Identification may be required.

You can still enjoy a free treat if you're not 100 or older. Customers ages 13 and up can get a free Root Beer Float every year on their birthday, plus more exclusive deals on A&W's All-American Food like Burgers and Cheese Curds, by joining Rooty's Mug Club.

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