Have you ever been summoned for jury duty? If you haven't, you probably aren't familiar with exactly how it works.

I have been summoned and even I do not know everything about it or how it works. Scammers know this fact and are now targeting Minnesotans using jury duty as a ruse.

Watch Out For This Scam

This scam has gotten so out of hand that the Minnesota Judicial Branch has now issued an urgent warning about it. Unfortunately, this has even been reported right here in Duluth.

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How Does It Work?

While there are many different variations of this scam that have circulated over the years, the Minnesota Judicial Branch says that this particular wave has scammers posing as police and calling locals to say there's a warrant for their arrest.

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Why? Because they failed to report for jury duty. Like I said, if you've never been summoned, you might now know if you missed it or not. Scammers then say you owe a fine or fee for skipping out on your duties.

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Heads Up, Duluth

Sadly, this has even been reported in Duluth. According to the press release from the Minnesota Judicial Branch, one Duluthian reported this scam after almost falling for it.

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A scammer told this Duluth local that they were a cop with a warrant that was signed by a local judge. When the Duluthian started asking questions, the scammer became 'belligerent and mean' which was a red flag that the call was a scam.

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While you might be penalized for skipping jury duty, no one will call you and demand money if you miss it. Never been summoned? You are only summoned by mail and not over the phone or email.

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