I walked in the door last night and my daughter was sitting on the couch with her brother, tears in her eyes. I asked what had happened and she started crying telling me she almost got hit by a car crossing Belknap - again.

She got a new bike this year and she was super excited to bike to school. The problem is that she needs to cross Belknap Avenue to get to school. Belknap has got to be the busiest street in Northern Wisconsin. There is so much traffic because of the detours for construction. Most of the traffic that comes to and from Minnesota has to travel on Belknap Avenue because of the construction on the Duluth side of the Blatnik Bridge.

Google Maps / canva
Google Maps / canva

Belknap Street is basically like a four-lane highway that all of the traffic between Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin has to take, especially with the upcoming closure of the Blatnik Bridge that will last 4 to 5 years.

We were really hesitant to let her cross Belknap. She's old enough and responsible enough to do it, but it's the drivers we were worried about. So for the first few days, we walked her across Belknap Street, and then let her ride the rest of the way on her own.

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One of those days, a car turned onto Belknap and nearly hit her because they weren't paying attention. In case you didn't know, pedestrians have the right of way in a crosswalk. You shouldn't even come close to them.

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Do we need a crosswalk sting on Belknap again? That's when police have people cross the street and ticket drivers who don't yield.

Please, watch out for pedestrians on this dangerous street. We'll keep driving our daughter or come up with another plan. It's just not safe these days. We actually had a car the other day blow through a red light because the driver was looking at her phone. Scary stuff.

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