I have to be at work by 6:00 AM each morning, which is kind of early, so I was surprised to see a hot air balloon floating high above town as I drove into downtown Rochester this morning. It was a great sight to see as I started my day.

Now, you probably see these balloons floating high up in the sky all throughout the spring, summer, and fall, and maybe you’ve wondered if it’s possible for you to go on one. Yes, you can, and I highly recommend it! I really think it is something everyone should experience at least once.

Every time I see one of these balloons, I think back to the time I went for a ride. My real-estate agent gifted me a hot-air balloon ride as a housewarming present when I closed on my first home – pretty cool gift, right?!?  It was an incredible flight. The views were amazing and the ride was super smooth – landing was a little bumpy, but it wasn’t too bad.

Twin Cities Summer Jam Ticket Special 2021
2021 Twin Cities Summer Jam

If you’ve ever wanted to go up in a hot-air balloon or maybe you want to gift a ride to someone for their birthday, anniversary, or some other special occasion you need to contact the company that operates these balloons, Lesmeister Balloon Company. They are based right here in Rochester and sell two and four-passenger rides in the Rochester area and all-around southeast Minnesota. You can get more information on rates and find out how to book a flight by emailing: flitemeister@gmail.com or calling 507-280-0480.

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