This happened a couple of years ago but it's a pretty cool video. It could have been a disaster for this guy but I guess the grizzly just wondered what was up?


A nature photographer, Drew Hammond, was all set up overlooking a river in Alaska. This river is known for the place grizzly bears come from hundreds of miles just to stuff themselves with salmon during The Salmon Run.

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This would be a pretty cool thing to observe. Just seeing one grizzly would be great but a whole bunch of them all snatching lunch would be a spectacle you'd remember forever.

The salmon all show up to lay their eggs and the grizzlies show up for the free lunch, as they try to consume as many calories as possible before taking that long Winter nap. The bears pretty much depend on this every year.

So, Hammond was all set up on the hill overlooking the river and taking some photos of all the grizzlies below snatching salmon out of the river. He was pretty engaged, actually so engaged taking pictures that he didn't hear the giant grizzly approaching from behind him.

The grizzly calmly moseys up to where the photographer has a chair set up and casually sits down beside it. He actually looks like he's just checking out the action below on the river.

After awhile, the grizzly decides he might as well head on down the hill and join his friends before all the salmon are gone. Check out the video, it's pretty cool.

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