UNDATED -- Gas prices have dropped for a fifth straight week.

Gas Buddy says average gasoline prices in Minnesota have fallen 11.6 cents per gallon in the last week, an average $4.49.

The national average has fallen 15.8 cents in the past week, averaging $4.51.

Gas Buddy says the pace of the recent declines has accelerated to some of the most significant we've seen in years. The trend is likely to continue for a sixth straight week with prices falling again this week. Barring major hurricanes, outages or unexpected disruptions, Gas Buddy is forecasting the national average to fall to $3.99 by mid-August.

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So far, we've seen the national average drop for 34 straight days, with over 25,000 stations now back below $3.99 per gallon or less, and thousands more stations will join this week. Also, we will see several states fall back under an average of $4, the majority being in the south, but that could spread to more states in the weeks ahead.

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