This week Rick Adelman announced his retirement from coaching basketball, saying it's time for him to step away from those duties.  He's being kept on as a "consultant."  The Timberwolves did make improvements under Adelman and I've always admired the man for his hoops knowledge and candor, but I wonder if he was the right man for this team.  Adelman's refusal to play young inexperienced players cost them the development of some good talent.  I was admittedly a Derrick Williams fan and didn't like the trade for Luc Mbah A Moute.  I believe the upside for Williams is huge.  Adelman played Gorgui Dieng in 60 games and he started 15, averaging 14 minutes, 5 points and 5 rebounds a game and just under a block. One wonders how much more he would've developed playing in some of those other 22 games and maybe 20 minutes a game.  There's talk of Flip Saunders going to the sidelines and taking over coaching duties.  No offense Flip, this team needs an eager coach who can get them to play some defense. The T-Puppies ranked 29th in the league in opponents field goals per game, 29th in field goal percentage defense and 25th in points allowed per game with their often matador defense of guys flying through the lane and finishing with dunks with nobody taking charges!  Minnesota ranked 3rd in points per game and were 6th in rebounding so even had they played mediocre, middle of the pack defense, they probably would've made the playoffs.  Fred Hoiberg would be my first choice, he's a proven motivator of young players and is obviously a good teacher of the game.  Let's hope they get someone soon so they can have input in the NBA draft on June 26. Jeff Van Gundy would be a great choice.  In his 11 seasons as an NBA Head Coach he tallied 10 winning seasons.  His brother Stan has also won in the league.  Jerry Sloan is one of my favorite coaches and believes in tenacious defense.  However if you have a team of guys who don't want to be coached, forget it!  It's not merely a cliche, defense wins championships.

I'd love to hear your coaching suggestions. Maybe you believe Flip would be the answer.