The Goodhue Wildcats and Faribault Bethlehem Academy Cardinals both put defensive clinics on in their semi-final contests with Southland and Blooming Prarie and will play Satuday for the west subsection title in Rochester.  In the first game Goodhue ran away from Southland 68-41 while scoring 24 points off turnovers.  15 of them in the first half.  The Wildcats led 32-11 at the half.  The Rebels were held to 3 total first half field goals.  Senior Riley Bollum had double digit points each half and finished with 21 for Goodhue, Wildcat Juniors  Riley Augustine and Tyler Schumacher also had 13 and 12 respectively.  Southland was led by Sophmore Josh Anderson with 13 and Senior Alex Rueschel tallied 10.  First year Head Coach Matt Halverson told KDHL their offense comes from their defense and the kids have bought into that philosophy.  In the other semi-final Faribault Bethlehem Academy came out in a defense they've never used. A 2-2-1 zone press, got some turnovers early, scored and never looked back.  The Cardinals led 28-12 at the half.  Head Coach Franz Boelter said his coaches and players committed to not allowing 6'6 Junior John Rumpza of the Awesome Blossoms beat them.  Senior Kyle Novak was relentless in going to the basket and Senior Freddie Rolstad also attacked the hoop on a number of occasions in the Cardinal 56-30 victory.  Novak finished with 30 points and looked as if he could score whenever he wanted to.  Rolstad added 14 points.  Rumpza was the only Blooming Prarie player in double figures with 10 points.  Bethlehem Academy played with a passion not seen for awhile.  In addition to being in attack mode the Cardinals Pete Clark, Clayton Merritt and John Schoolmeesters never let the Awesome Blossoms feel comfortable when they were on offense.  They played a zone, but it was an aggressive zone.  Coach Boelter said he was unsure what his team would do against Goodhue, noting they are "so fundamentally sound."  The west subsection title game is 2pm Saturday in Rochester and it will be on KDHL Radio with coverage beginning 1:45pm.