I was driving to the station Saturday morning. The plows were working on I-35. All of us heading south were stuck behind two plows, one in each lane. Plus with the wind and lightness of the snow the plows were creating some visibility Issues. And yet with all this there were a number of cars trying to jocky around to get to the front of the line.  It just amazes me sometimes how much people have to be in a hurry now days. No planning ahead.  It's like watching Speedy Gonzalez heading down the road. 

When I see some of these people flying down the roads when the conditions are not safe, I get some satisfaction if up the road I happen to seem in the ditch as the rest of us safely go by. I am glad they are not hurt but what is so important to risk losing your life or taking someone else's life to do that. It's like watching Speedy Gonzalez heading down the road. 

I also think about how we get so busy with our lives we sometimes forget people we have met. And drifted away from. Next thing you know, they are gone.  I had a friend I used to work with and we went to some concerts.  Had some laughs and when we didn't work together anymore..we lost touch.  Somewhere in there my phone number changed and I forgot to give her the new number. All of a sudden I was randomly checking obituaries in the paper and her name and picture was there. I was not aware she had been so ill.  So my plan is to go to her favorite place and get her favorite drink and raise a toast to her, because it's the only way now I can say goodbye. I know there are days when life moves a little fast for me.  But for the most part I want to try to get things to happen on my pace. You do the same..we never know how many days we have left.