As I get ready to take a few days and go to Lake of Woods with my son and daughter in law and 43 other people from the area,  I was reminded that someone asked me some time ago, why do you want to go to an even colder part of the state and sit out on some ice for many hours and maybe not catch any fish. I have to admit as long as there is a good solid comfortable fish house and good heat, I am content to spend many hours out there in pursuit of those big fish. There is something about being out there and in the case of Lake of the woods, you are out there, miles from your cabin. They do come check on you to make sure you are ok.  When the wind is not blowing much, you hear the ice crack and shift.  And there is no thrill for me, like there his when the fish are biting like crazy.  When they are biting like that, the day goes to fast and then it's time to head back to the lodge. When they are not biting it's great to talk with those you are with or just relax, read a book or listen to some music. I am hoping to tell you over the next few days, a few fish stories, hopefully get a few pictures and finalize why do we go ice fishing.