When you go to a fair, what's your favorite thing to do. I like looking for the new foods and see if they are fit to try. Walleye on a stick good..a 1/2 tube of cookie dough on a stick not so good etc.  And I like looking for historical displays, public safety displays and of course any music of the 60's-90's.

You can find pretty much anything to satisfy your fair needs at the Rice County Fair now throught July 20th. And we hope you'll stop by the KDHL/Power 96 booth in front of the Midway stage to say hi!

You won't find any food on a stick at our booth, but you could win some prizes and ladies can have some fun with the nail driving contest Wed-Friday afternoons.

Today's we fest clue:

fweets satrist.

find the clues make a couple of sentences and win wefest tickets by being the first one to email Kelly with the Correct answers.

Good Luck

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