What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving? For many it's just all the food. For some it's football. And this year the Vikings play on Thanksgiving day for the first time in a while. For some it's all the other things that are part of the day.

I like the getting together with family and friends, some that you don't get to see very often. My family is getting more spread out every year, so it's getting harder to meet up. My favorite parts of the meal are turkey, especially having leftovers for sandwiches, cranberries, preferably fresh ones, and sweet potatoes or yams depending upon how you look at them. And of course pumpkin pie.

Whenever I get to the time for pie, I think about my late Uncle Jack. Not really my uncle, but that's what we called him. He was trying to help my mom serve up pie one Thanksgiving and was shaking up the canned whipped cream and when he took the cap off, he broke the nozzle off and there was whipped cream everywhere. I remember my mom trying to be polite and good host about it, but when Uncle Jack left the room, I remember her mumbling under her breath about it.

With my first grandchild now old enough to enjoy some actual food from the table, it will be another new experience this year. I also have a niece who has gotten married and has a child on the way, so even though we won't be able to all be together, I feel blessed about the new additions to my family.

Enjoy your food, your traditions and even those little things that you may always remember. Happy Thanksgiving. And KDHL will be here to keep you informed about weather and activities.