I was admittedly disappointed the Minnesota Vikings didn't take Johnny Manziel when they had the opportunity during the first round of the NFL draft last night.  I already wrote about the reasons I would've loved to see Manziel in purple!  I will say they did address a glaring weakness on their team when they picked linebacker Anthony Barr of UCLA.  Described as a raw athlete with size and when Coach Zimmer was interviewed he said he envisioned him as an every down linebacker.  The Vikings clearly had issues at that position.  They traded to move back into the first round and selected quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.  See if this reminds you of another pick Spielman made at that position.  Bridgewater graduated from Louisville in 3 years with a degree in sports admininstration.  The draft experts say he is very good at reading defenses and has a very good understanding of football concepts.  On the weakness side he has small hands and doesn't play well in the cold.  I know we'll be in the dome probably before he starts, but we do see some cold within the division. The Vikings own scouting report said Bridgewater, "is not an overly elusive scrambler." and struggles to escape the rush.  We'll see in a couple months.  How do you grade the first round picks ?

Vikes take Barr and Bridgewater.