The Minnesota Twins were 10 games under even before last night's win over the Kansas City Royals.  Some have said they have been doing much better on the road than at home.  Lately it's been the case, but on the season the Twins are 23-28 away and 24-29 at Target Field.  I wanted to wait for our latest 10 game homestand before looking at the numbers and as you know the Twins had a horrible homestand right after hosting the All-Star Game.  The numbers are amazingly similar in both hitting and pitching.  Minnesota is hitting .249 at Target Field and .239 on the road, they have a team on base percentage of .325 at home and .310 away.  They've clubbed 36 homers on the road and 41 at home and have 28 stolen bases at Target Field and 24 away from home cooking.  Looking at the pitching numbers the team ERA at home is 4.45 and on the road 4.21.  Twins pitchers have allowed 44 homers at home and 40 on the road, given up 483 hits in 440 2/3 innings away from home and 514 hits in 485 innings while playing at home.  330 strike outs and 138 walks at home, 308 strike outs and 118 walks at away.  When the season began there was a hope they would be better with the addition of some starting pitching and they really didn't do much to add to their hitting lineup.  The pitching has been suspect at times, very good at times and the hitting after the first month continues to head downward.  Minnesota is averaging 4.1 runs per game both at home and away.  The numbers would show consistently being mediocre at home and on the road.  This lineup needs some punch.  Josh Willingham will probably be dealt before the trade deadline and don't be surprised if all-star catcher Kurt Suzuki is let go, although I wouldn't agree with that move.  Oswaldo Arcia isn't getting better at the plate, Chris Colabello had one good month, Joe Mauer hasn't been Joe Mauer, Brian Dozier is tied for the league lead in runs scored and has clubbed a number of homers but is hitting around .235.  I can't imagine any team in the majors at this point, having a worse outfield than the Twins.  Willingham is better than Delmon Young in left, but that's not really saying much, Fuld is adequate in center and Arcia is okay in right.  They continue to run infielders out to the outfield because they have no backup centerfielder.  It's pretty hard to believe there isn't a soul in the minors who could fill in at the position now and then and maybe be a pinch runner when they aren't playing in the outfield.  I hate to say it, but bottom line is, the Twins are a team in the bottom of a division with just two winning teams.  Detroit is 11 games over 500 and Kansas City one game above mediocrity.