Time flies when you are having fun. Time marches on. There's never enough time in the day. Where did the time go. We've all said it, felt it, delt with it. Feeling it today as the day has quickly gone by.  And thinking about that my youngest child will be 26 on Saturday. I was 25 when she was born. So now I've just told you how old I am.  I don't care. I have earned every bump, pain, bruise, scar and gray hair I have. What a difference time makes. At 25 I was out of the house working my first radio job in northern Minnesota. She's at 26 still at home because she can't make enough yet to be on her own. She helps out with things and I am glad to have her around. Her brother who is a little over a year older is there too.  And it's always interesting that we wish that our kids have a better "time" of it(life) than we did.  I hope she has a great time with her birthday. Would I like to go back sometime and do things different. Sure, a few things. But in my case would not now or anytime change or give up my kids.  I am outta time. Thanks for your time.