Wednesday morning the Riverland Community College Farm Business Management will be hosting a Marketing Meeting at the Goodhue County Fair. The program will begin at 8AM and wrap up at 10AM in the 4-H tent. I suspect that the "informal" discussion will continue well after 10! Marketing Panel participants include Rick Anderson from Ag Partners, J.D. Schuerman with Advance Trading and Matt Schaefer from Al-Corn. The program is open to farmers, landowners and anyone that would like to attend.

In addition to the marketing panel there will also be a "Lenders Panel" discussion. Low crop prices have put many farmers in a very difficult position. This was a big topic over at Farmfest last week, too. There was even some talk that if things don't improve quickly we may see about 10 percent of the farmers out of business next year. Hopefully corn and bean prices do improve so we do not see the 1980s crises ever again.