No Reports of Major Issues from Tainted Gas
State officials say they have heard from a few dozen people with questions and concerns about the deliveries of gasoline containing diesel fuel to gas stations in southeastern Minnesota, but have yet to hear any reports of significant engine damage or vehicle stalls.
Wayzata Officer Had Ties Locally
William Matthews, the Wayzata Police Officer that was struck and killed last week will be laid to rest on Thursday. The funeral is set for 1pm at Wayzata Free Church with interment at Summit Park Cemetery. Visitation is at the church Wednesday night from 3 to 8pm.
Time For You To Help A Paramedic on Sunday, March 19
Paramedics respond to your needs any time of the day or night. North Ambulance has a paramedic that needs your help.
Todd Magnuson is 51 and grew up and presently lives in Zumbrota. He's a paramedic for North Ambulance in Faribault and has been with North Memorial for 12 years...
Can You Imagine Minnesota Without Snow Days?
Minnesotans have a love-hate relationship with snow days. Kids love 'em, parents hate 'em. But Minnesotans of all ages have fond memories of listening by the radio, or checking a website, to see whether school was canceled because of a winter storm...
Wabasha County EMT Suspended
42 year old Nathan Winkels of Zumbrota, a Wabasha County EMT was suspended and arrested on suspicion of having sex with a child.
He is charged with two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, second-degree criminal sexual conduct, use of minors in sexual performance and possession of pornogra…
Truck and Tractor Pull At Goodhue Fair Canceled
Thursday night's truck and tractor pull at the Goodhue County Fair has been canceled. The track after Wednesday night's rain is simply too wet to hold the event.
On a good note, the fairgrounds are fine and visitors should be able to enjoy all of the other events at the Goodhue County Fair.…
Voice of Zumbrota News has been Silenced
Loa Margaret Tiedemann Hovel did a lot. She danced with clown Bobby Walker on David Stone's KSTP Barn Dance. Three years in a row the show was sponsored by Hovel's Hatchery, Purina Chows at the Zumbrota High School Auditorium.
Opportunities in the '50s and '60s led her to broadcast the "News fro…

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