Throwback Thursday: Red Ryder
KDHL has been serving southern Minnesota since 1948, and through that time there are countless stories from within the walls and from listeners. I love finding pieces of KDHL and Power 96 history and from time to time will share pieces of that history.
Throwback Thursday: Kelly and Jerry Wear Blue Jackets
It's Throwback Thursday! For the past two years, I have traveled along with Farm Director Jerry Groskreutz to the National FFA Convention held in Louisville, Kentucky. Each year we spend our days interviewing area FFA Chapter members and learning about their involvement in the organization. As we pr…
Throwback Thursday: April Snow Showers
The sun is shining today, but two years ago it was a different story. People throughout the area woke up to see a beautiful, but rather unwelcome snowfall blanket the trees, grass and roads. We tend to think that by the end of April spring and warm weather should be the norm, but Minnesota weather d…
Throwback Thursday: Name that baby!
It's Throwback Thursday, so I thought it would be fun to share an old picture! Today's picture features someone starting their broadcast career with KDHL at a very early age!
Throwback Thursday: College Radio
Last week I got a chance to go to the grand opening of the campus expansion at South Central College.  I got my general education credits at South Central, before transferring to the University of Minnesota Morris. I had a blast at Morris, and for Throwback Thursday, thought I would share a pic…
Throw Back Thursday WeFest Edition!
Here at the KDHL studios, it's no secret that we love country music! From Ernest Tubb to Hunter Hayes, we play it all. We also love getting to see our favorite groups perform live and we know you do as well!