New Northern Pike Regulations For Minnesota
That fishing opener is a couple of months away yet. But you need to start getting used to some new regulations for fishing those Northern Pikes that can be fun to bring in and great eating too.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the new rules apply to inland waters of the state, in th…
Pheasant Population Is Down
Despite the mild weather and a dry summer, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says that their August count shows a 26 percent decline in the Pheasant population from last year and a 32 percent drop below the 10-year average and 62 percent below the long-term average.
Have Fun Outdoors, Watch Those Bugs This Weekend
It's that first holiday weekend to get out and enjoy the outdoors. I don't know how bad they will be this Memorial Day weekend with all the rain we have had. But it's a good idea to be bug aware.
Now a couple of weeks ago I told you about the CDC's (Center for Disease Control) con…
CDC Warns of New Tick-Borne Virus Worse than Lyme Disease
As we get the urge to get outdoors for activities comes the reminder, especially if you spend time in brushy areas, to check yourselves and others with you for ticks.
According to a KARE11 report, ticks are expected to be a little more abundant this year and there is a special concern about the Powas…
Wired To Hunt And Fish Host Dies At 69
I have known Wade Bourne for many years since his days of hosting IN-Fisherman Radio. He ways always quick to provide me with whatever I needed for his shows. And he was always happy to provide me with a few fishing tips and chat about Minnesota...

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