Movie Makers Love Northfield
On the heels of Love Always, Santa, the Hallmark movie filmed in Northfield, the Northfield News reports another film is being shot in the city, and nearby Nerstrand.
The Nanny, from Epic Pictures, is a science-fiction film starring Jaime Murray, Schulyer Fisk and Nick Gomez, who has had roles in The…
7 of the Best Movies You Could Watch
The Oscar nominations were recently announced. Some people are whining because they haven't heard of many of the movies. There is a reason they are nominated. They are good.
John’s People’s Choice Picks
I don't watch all the awards shows, but when I do, one of my favorites is usually the People's Choice Awards. Jane Lynch is hosting, so it should be a lot of fun. I went through the list of nominees and here are my picks.
Favorite Movie: Furious 7...
Is There A Dark Side To The Star Wars Release?
I can't think of anybody who loses with the opening of the new Star Wars movie other than any other movies competing with it at the box office. Let's look at this.
It's already been in the media that the movie has made more than $50 million in ticket presales...

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