Maren Morris

ToC Critic’s Pick: Maren Morris, ‘Hero’
Strong songwriting carries Maren Morris’ Hero album, an 11 song project that epitomizes a sub-genre of the Nashville country sound. It’s East Nashville cool, with subtle hooks and digs replacing obvious overtures.
Top 40 Country Songs – April 2016
Four of the Top 5 songs on the April 2016 Top 40 Country Songs list raced there in just a few months. It took less than three months for our No. 1 song to hit the top, and several behind it leap-frogged hits from more established artists to become amongst the most sought-after songs in country.
Music Monday January 4, 2016: Maren Morris
It's Music Monday, and the very first one of 2016! Each week I share something that I am currently listening to and think that you might also enjoy. It might be an old favorite that you haven't heard in forever, or it could be something I've just discovered. Stop by each week to disco…