No Walleye for Governor Dayton
ST. CLOUD, MN – (KROC AM News) - Governor Dayton failed to land a walleye during the annual Governor’s Fishing Opener - but at least he wasn’t skunked.
Minnesota DNR Announces New Trout Fishing Regulations
I grew up with my bamboo fishing pole sitting along the banks of Spring Valley Creek and biking several miles outside of town to do trout fishing in Fillmore County.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced today new special angling regulations that effectively allow trout fishing all …
Catch And Release Walleye Season On Mille Lacs Lake
Walleye fisherman and resort owners are likely not going to be happy about a ruling issued by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources on Monday.
The new rules state that only artificial bait can be used for walleye fishing on Mille Lacs and all walleyes caught must immediately be released.…
So Far Fish Are Winning Faribault Fishing Trip
Thirty-four people are on the Winter Walleye Connection trip to Ballard's Resort on Lake of the Woods. We had a great trip so far, the food has been great and the folks at Ballard's are doing a great job. So far after day one, the fish are winning as not many fish have been …