Billion Dollar Bid for Bdubs
The stock price of a well-known Minnesota company has shot up more than 25-percent in Tuesday’s pre-market activity, thanks to a reported buyout bid.
China Approves Syngenta Duracade Corn Trait
Monday afternoon I received a news release from Syngenta that the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture approved Syngenta's Agrisure Duracade corn rootworm event for feed and food use. This trait known as Event 5307 is inserted into the seed. When the seed germinates it is protected from corn rootwor…
40 Free Things on Your Birthday
I look forward to my birthday each year. Despite the fact that each year I get another year older, I still enjoy the time with my family enjoying some cake and opening a few presents.
My birthday is still a month off, but if you're celebrating a birthday soon you might want to take advantage of …

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