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Schweich’s Closes In Kenyon
Schweich's Bar and Hotel in Kenyon has closed their doors. The Kenyon Leader article said the doors were locked and that workers were removing perishable items from the building on Monday.
Basilleo’s To Close Jan 1
Owner Jeff Westad says the restaurant will close because it cannot compete with the cheaper pizza chains. Basilleo's put's out a quality, fresh ingredient pizza. But you pay more for quality. Around $15 to $20 per pizza. And many people can't afford that. And there are just too many o…
Schwan’s Considering Sale
Schwan's may be considering selling the company. Yes that company that visits your neighborhood(I know it does mine,) with that delicious ice cream and other products is considering putting themselves up for sale.
Holiday Station Stores Sold To Canadian Firm
Holiday stations have a 90-year history with the state of Minnesota and the area, and now they will be owned by a Canada-based company.
According to a KSTP report, a company based in Montreal called Couche-Card has purchased Holiday Stationstores Inc...
Medford Losing Another Retailer
Teen clothing retailer rue21 is closing almost 400 of its stores nationwide, and one of them is the store in Medford. Two others in the area include Mankato and Eden Prairie.
For many years their niche was putting stores in smaller market areas that were not served by other major stores...

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