This is a picture looking out the front window of my cab as I was spraying corn. It was a fun job because it was a nice stand (population) of corn. Most of the field had very few weeds although there were spots that needed to be sprayed. I wanted to get it done because they are talking about wind and rain for the next few days. Notice the nice straight rows? I did that the old fashioned way. I was driving  as I do not have the hands free guidance system on the tractor I use for planting. I was applying Liberty and atrazine which kills everything except the corn. Atrazine is a restricted use pesticide so I needed and do have a Private Pesticide Applicators License. There is a drainage ditch along the North end of this corn field. The label on atrazine requires a 66 foot setback from all waterways. You know what all the ads say, "always read and follow label directions."  So, that meant another trip back to the field with roundup and callisto to kill any weeds along the drainage ditch.