This is a picture the Golden Harvest display on seed row at Farmfest. This is typical of all the seed companies at Farmfest. I always think about how much time is involved in planting and taking care of their plots at Farmfest. They plant their latest genetics with and without all the traits to let farmers have a look at them actually growing. Plots that look like this take a lot of time from planting until now to look like this.

I have no idea what the cost of a display like this would be, but it has to be a lot. The big tent, blue carpet, planting and taking care of the plots all summer long, all the company staff in the tent with their time, food and hotels. Finally whatever amount they have to pay to Farmfest to have this large area. It must be worth the expense because all the seed companies are there! All these expenses are reflected in what farmers pay for seed so I guess you could say farmers pay for the cost of a display like this!