The Rice County 4-H General Livestock Judging Team is going to Louisville, Kentucky.

The team placed first at the Minnesota State Fair competition this week.

Members of the team include Lexi Wetzel, Makayla Wetzel, Cal Schultz and Henry Schultz.

Here is the format as listed in the 4-H State Fair Rules:

  • Teams judge eight classes of livestock consisting of three classes of beef, two classes of sheep and three classes of swine.
  • Oral reasons are given on one class in each of the three species.
  • Performance data may be included in the evaluation of breeding clases for each species.
  • Classes with performance data can be reasons classes.
  • Reasons may given on either market or breeding classes.
  • One class in each species will be a question class.

The 4-H State Fair Book also says "livestock judging is art developed through patient study and long practice. To be a good livestock judge you must:"

  • Know the parts of the animal and their location.
  • Know which parts are most important for meat and breeding stock production and the most desirable conformation for each part. Visualize the ideal animal.
  • Make keen observations and compare them to the ideal.
  • Weigh the good and bad points of each animal.
  • Develop a system of analyzing and examining animals so important points are not overlooked.
  • Determine which animal fulfills a particular need and selection priority.
  • Combine performance records with visual appraisal.

Former Faribault teacher Donna Crowl sent me this photo of the team with the kids in front and their advisers in the back.

Rice County 1st General Livestock Judging Team and Advisors. Photo submitted by Donna Crowl