Approximately 54 percent of registered voters in Morristown went to the polls in the primary election with city officials requesting permission to build a new fire hall.  The vote was 144 yes and 141 no.  The question asked residents if the city could be authorized to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed 1.1 million dollars including the purchase of land where the fire hall will be constructed.  Nine people ran for the four seats open on the Faribault Public School Board which means the primary election eliminated one of those people from moving to the general election.  The other eight move on to contend for the four seats.  Here are those results.  Chad Wolff 892 votes, Thomas Casper 732, Phyliss Bongard 699, Andrea Vogelsberg 686, Richard Olson 647, Michael Ross 477, Janet Moline 460, Debra Davis 455 and Adam Gibbons 338.