Mother's day is Sunday, supposedly her special time. I say supposedly because it works for this rhyme.

The fishing opener is also this weekend and that's pretty cool in our state.  However there are probably some moms wondering where they rate.

I only have my own experience to draw from so I hope you'll understand.  If I seem to gush with pride about the mom God did bless me with in this land.

I wasn't always as appreciative and feel sad about that in some ways. I should've been more loving during all of mom's days.

I have little reminders of her throughout my house. She loved collecting angels and bears or signs with wise sayings as quiet as a mouse.

A sign with a cutout rooster sits above my computer like a hovering dove. It simply says awaken in the morning with God's love.

On my refrigerator door near a photo of her is a whale's tale rising over water at sunset. This small statement captures her essence like no person I've ever met.

"To wonder at an animal is to begin to understand God." That was mom in a nutshell, she was not one to plod.

Even in her last years she still had energy and many would be in awe. Of the woman that I,  would simply call ma.

There are more signs on my refrigerator door that used to grace hers. Like this terrific little swedish proverb verse.

"Fear less, Hope more; Eat less, Chew more; Whine less, Breathe more; Talk less, Say more; Love more, and all good things will be yours!" Again it speaks to the heart of the woman with love oozing out of her pores.

This Bible verse evidently spoke to ma because it was also on her refrigerator. It's Isaiah 40:31 and makes me yearn for more.

"They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings as eagles, They shall run and not be weary.  They shall walk, but not faint." Oh believe me I know like me, mom was no saint.

We had a gravel driveway and I remember dad teaching me to ride bike one day. Right from the trike to the bike, no training wheels along the way.

I crashed after he let go once and skinned my knee pretty bad. I still have the scar that caused me to be sad.

I ran inside to mom and she cleaned the wound and put on a band aid. Then smiled and urged me to get back up on the bike saying in no time you'll have it made.

In a few years you'll be riding all over this town.  So let go of that little frown.

Man was she right I rode not only in town, but to friend's houses all over the countryside. And it all started with that eventful ride.

Oh, it took a few more crashes before I got it down pat. Even though I'm sure he was busy, dad helped the rug rat.

Next time I climbed aboard, he ran alongside and said " I'm letting go."  I went for about 3o yards, over a deep culvert  flipped over the handle bars into the ditch below.

It must've looked very funny because as he was running toward me I could seek he was having a pretty good laugh.  He tried not to show it, but I joined in, put the bike away and went inside for my bath.

I'm sure when you check the memory banks you can come up with stories about your mom. I loved to make mine laugh, see the twinkle in her eye and would rarely bomb.

Oh we had our arguements too, and there were times I made her cry. Even now when I think about that I get a tear in my eye.

She didn't deserve those cruel words or fits of anger. It probably felt like I was goring her side with a dagger.

This Mother's Day three simple words are all your mom needs to hear. I love you will make her smile from ear to ear.

She might also cry tears of joy at hearing your adulation. You're one of God's greatest gifts mom and that's not because you're my relation.

During my Mom's final breaths I whispered I love you in her ear.  I certainly hope she was able to hear.

I thanked God after she passed for my terrific mom. I know you've made a home for her I said, filled with knick knacks, kitties, some even tom.

From fixing owies to hugs after heartbreaks and everything in between. Thank you God for a mom that was pretty keen.