I think pretty much everyone can relate.  You have that collection of winter hats and gloves and scarfs etc. Sometimes it's in a box, sometimes people have a bench in their entryway, where they all go.  Ususally in the spring they are all put there. Somehow between spring and the next winter season, things move or disappear completely.  That's what I faced.  I usually don't wear a stocking cap. Most of the time a station baseball cap.  This morning I decided I would be wise in wearing the stocking cap. I had a favorite one in the box. It fits good it, it doubles as a face mask when I need it too, and it's a color that goes well with most any jacket. It was not in the box. And of course house members polled said that none of them had taken it.  I looked for a few more minutes while the car was warming up, about to give up when I noticed that one of my cats had acquired it out of the box that was sitting on the floor, and was using it as a pillow. (I can't resist) Yes it was a cat on a hat. I was trying to sneak a picture of the guilty party on the hat but he bolted right away. I was going to let him continue to use it too, but since he left it, I decided to wear it.  Now if I could just find the gloves. Tiger! .Have a nice  day!