We have all heard Mike Lindell talking about the benefits of MyPillow. Now the Chaska company that does it's manufacturing in Shakopee is showing how Minnesota nice it can be, by sending 60,000 pillows to help out victims of Hurricane Harvey.

They packed up 6 trucks and headed south on the Aug. 31.

Lindell sent pillows when Sandy hit the east coast and sent some to Louisiana last year. According to the Shakopee Valley News, Lindell decided to launch the Lindell Foundation earlier than planned to help out with the disaster. He's been working on it for two years, with plans for 100 percent of the donations to go toward needs, while he and his company cover the overhead. He said he has $6 million into it and had planned to launch it in about a month.

They have donated to many other places in the past like  Wounded Warrior Project, Teen Challenge and the Salvation Army and sent pillows to shelters and first responders during natural disasters. Since April, the company has donated nearly 10,000 pillows to foundations in South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Arizona, Idaho, South Carolina, North Carolina, Montana, New York and many more.

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